• Age appropriate curriculum for grades 1-7 
  • Progressive design challenges and programming courses
  • Robotics is a fun way for children to connect science and math concepts to the real world

What’s more fun than Lego Robots! Our Robotics program allows children to execute projects from start to finish.  They program Lego robots, teaching them basic programming skills, then they get their creativity and engineering skills flowing by fully building the robots themselves.  Lastly, they learn strategy, perseverance, and independence as they execute the mission.

Here at MAX, STEAM is the newest and brightest frontier of children’s educational programming. It’s all about taking these academic subject areas and opening your child up to a fantastical world of learning that doesn’t feel like learning! Each week kids cover a new topic and tackle a new challenge that’s fun, hands-on, and age appropriate. Experience or even interest in science and technology is not at all required, and there’s fun to be had for all skill levels. The curriculum is progressive, so children work to build up their knowledge and practical skills over time.

Robotics Jr – (Grades 1-3)

An introductory course for our younger robotics enthusiasts. In this course using the Lego WeDo kits children will learn the very basics of building and programming with extra emphasis on fun and play. No experience required!

Robotics – WeDo and WeDo More (Grades 4-6)

Participants learn the basics of computer programming and apply it to design robots to complete various challenges. They will design, build and program robots using Lego WeDo kits. Creations include simple rovers and mechanical contraptions using motion sensors and tilt sensors. The program is specifically designed for elementary aged students. It bundles designing, building, problem-solving, computer programming, critical thinking, collaboration and communication into one exciting program. Robotics WeDo and WeDo More are entry level robotics courses. Each course runs for six weeks and teaches different concepts and new builds. These courses can be done in any order

Robotics – Mindstorms (Grades 5 -8)

Participants learn advanced programming and building skills using Lego Mindstorm kits. Use light, motion and infrared sensors to navigate through challenges and obstacles courses. Participants will be working in the same group for three each week as they work towards a final project. 

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