• Age appropriate curriculum for grades 4-6
  • Give your kid a head start on developing real world job skills!
  • Logic, math, problem solving and more

Coding is an essential skill for our modern world.  Our use of age appreciate software allows kids to develop the basic building blocks of computer programming that will not only get them interested in this field, but put them ahead of the curriculum at school.

Here at MAX, STEAM is the newest and brightest frontier of children’s educational programming. It’s all about taking these academic subject areas and opening your child up to a fantastical world of learning that doesn’t feel like learning! Each week kids cover a new topic and tackle a new challenge that’s fun, hands-on, and age appropriate. Experience or even interest in science and technology is not at all required, and there’s fun to be had for all skill levels. The curriculum is progressive, so children work to build up their knowledge and practical skills over time. There are many different computer programming languages to learn!  We recommend children start with Scratch or JavaScript (no experience is required) and working up to HTML, CSS and Python.

Common Coding Languages

Scratch is a block based visual programming language created by MIT.

JavaScript is an object orient programming language designed primarily used to make web development easier and more attractive. It can also be used to develop apps!

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a programming language used for creating websites.  

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a language used to format the layout and look of web pages.

Python is a general purpose programming language – designed for readability. Used in web design and app development.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are frequently used together in website design. HTML builds the foundation, JavaScript defines the functionality and CSS  gives the page its flair!

Scratch Classes

The course starts with the planning phase of designing a multi-level game. Each week children will continue working on the same game. As more features and levels are added each week the game becomes increasingly complex. Beginner and Intermediate courses offered!

Each week teaches a new concept or Scratch feature so that kids can add new skills to their Scratch programming portfolio and create more complex games! No experience required.

EduCode™ Academy Courses

New to programming? Learn JavaScript the easy way, no prior experience required.

Delve into more advanced programming topics to become a JavaScript master.

Create, play and customize your own games, while learning JavaScript.

Create, play and customize your own games, while learning JavaScript.

Learn HTML and CSS by baking cakes in an epic competition!

Uncover the Agency's secrets by using Python to complete  top-secret assignments.

Check out the games below that were coded by our very own students! It’s fun and easy to do, and no experience is required! Completing a project like this helps to provide kids with that sense of accomplishment.

Click the green flag to play!

Crab Pong

Created by Daniel Age 9

Use the left and right arrow keys to move the crab and keep the basketball from hitting the ground.

Unicorn Pong

Created by Ella Age 9

Use the mouse to move the unicorn and keep the heart from hitting the floor.

Pong Levels

Created by Cohen Age 10

Use the mouse to move the paddle to keep the ball from hitting the line. Try all the levels!

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