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STEAM, sometimes called STEM, includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. 

Our Mission

At STEAM by MAX our mission is to expose/introduce every child to the world of science, technology, engineering, arts and math in a collaborative hands-on environment. We encourage children to think critically and challenge the status quo. This is the basis of innovation. Ultimately we strive to help children build confidence in their STEAM skills and inspire the next generations of engineers, doctors, and scientists! 

What we do 

Here at MAX, STEAM is the newest and brightest frontier of children’s educational programming. It’s all about taking these academic subject areas and opening your child up to a fantastical world of learning that doesn’t feel like learning! Each week kids cover a new topic and tackle a new challenge that’s fun, hands-on, and age appropriate. Experience or even interest in science and technology is not at all required, and there’s fun to be had for all skill levels. The curriculum is progressive, so children work to build up their knowledge and practical skills over time. 

Research shows that exposing children to STEAM in their early years has incredible benefits, both now and in the long term. For one, they are learning a multitude of skills they will take with them throughout life’s journey including analytical and critical thinking, creative problem solving skills, perseverance and grit, and lots of independence. They also gain confidence and social skills through working with peers and having fun. 

PLUS think of all the possibilities of early exposure to these fields! You never know, they may discover a lifelong passion and become a chemist, computer programmer, mathematician, or chief engineer.

Who we are 

MAX is excited and proud to be able to deliver our well-researched and proven curriculum to children in the St. John’s area, and to join in the growing global standard of getting children active in STEAM from a young age. Thanks to our franchise agreement with US-based company STEM for Kids®, we are able to offer hundreds of hours of unique learning developed by experts in both their subject manner and in creating fun, age-appropriate lesson plans. STEAM by MAX classes are always taught by our awesome STEAM TEAM that come from a variety of educational science backgrounds. 

Meet the Steam Team!


Erin Perfect is our STEAM Program Lead. She has a BEng in Mechanical Engineering and an MASc in Biomedical Engineering.


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